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Game salon

Playthink is a USC-based salon dedicated to the discussion of games, interactive art, and interdisciplinary media. We are dedicated to introducing and drawing out provocative ideas, conversations, and interactives from both within and external to the USC community through a regular series of discussions. This year, in 2018, we will be adding a podcast component to our salon. More info on how to access the Playthink podcast coming soon!

Organizers Emeritus

  • Steve Anderson
  • Raghav Bashyal
  • Lucas Peterson
  • Bonnie Ruberg
  • Elizabeth Swensen
  • Akira Thompson
  • Simon Wiscombe
  • Kevin Wong

Upcoming and past salons

March 2014 Playthink@USC

The Game Innovation Lab is hosting the next playthink salon on Tuesday, March 11 from 6pm-9pm. The meeting will focus on discussion, and topics will include:

  • William Novak, talking about the Power Glove
  • Steve Anderson, discussing televisual depictions of games and gamers
  • Alan Wagner, discussing Flappy Bird

The salon will be held in the SCI 201 thinktank space and is open to all (but seats are limited, so come early!)!

Tracy Fullerton