Resources WWI Edition

Chrono Scouts Narration Tracks

You'll need these narration tracks to play Chrono Scouts. They set up each game, provide a count-down clock, and periodically interrupt with new missions or events for players to react to. The videos also make the game easier to play in a classroom setting. We recommend starting with Track #1 the first time you play. If you'd rather download the audio directly, you'll find that option below the videos.

Print-and-Play Version

These PDFs contain the full set of cards and instructions. You're free to download them at no cost and play as much as you like. You'll just have to print everything out and cut up the sheets of cards. (You'll also want to check out the Chrono Scouts narration tracks above.) If you'd like a professionally printed version of both games you can find it here.

Teacher's Guide

This helpful guide contains information about playing Fact Fuse and Chrono Scouts in your middle school or high school classroom, along with tips from the designers to get the most out of the activity.